Grammar Issues to Avoid

Most of the students face so many issues while working on their academic projects, assignment, thesis, or paper. They do a lot of mistakes while writing their paper. One of the biggest mistakes is related to grammar. Grammatical errors or issues are very minor, but they change the value and meaning of the whole sentence if written wrong. The best way to avoid these grammar issues, you must focus on the sentence structure of our paper. You must read all the basic rules of grammar before writing your paper. Usually, most of the student’s rapidity revises some basic mistakes in grammar. So, you must not do the same to avoid grammar issues. This article by experts of cheap assignment writing services will be highlighting the grammar issues in an academic paper that needs to be avoided by the students.

Not Using Introductory Commas:

The most common mistake done by the students while writing their academic papers is missing introductory commas. The entire academic writers must bear in mind, those sentences which are being started with clause, words, and phrase must be separate with the introductory comma. This comma will ultimately separate the text from the sentence accordingly. The reason for using this comma is to tell the reader to take a slight pause. For Example: Before Silly went to Australia, she had spent a year in the UK.

Verb’s Nominalization in Sentences:

Nominalization is all about using parts of speech like verbs as nouns. Generally, many famous authors use nominalization of verbs to make their text or writings more complex, starchy, and wordy. They use these verbs to impress their readers. The other name for nominalized verbs is smothered verbs. Some people said these words weaken the quality of writing because they increase the length of the sentence unnecessarily. So you must avoid using these verbs in your academic paper. And make sure to make your work valuable.

Subject-Verb Disagreements:

You can define a subject-verb disagreement in a way that, when the subject and its corresponding verb in your sentence do not match with each other in terms of singularity and plurality, it is defined as subject-verb disagreement. This is a very common grammatical mistake that usually confuses the readers. According to the basic rules of grammar it is mentioned that both the subject and verb must agree with each other in terms of singular or plural form. Either both should be singular or both should be plural to make sense in a sentence.

Lack of Parallelism:

It is another mistake mostly done by the students while writing their assignments. They don’t properly use parallelism. Parallelism can also be defined as parallel structure. When you use similar types of phrases and clauses or components using the same type of grammatical structure, you must achieve parallelism in your text. People use parallelism to maintain a balance between nouns with the nouns, clauses with the clauses, and verbs with the verb, etc. It is used to enhance the structure of the text to make it clear and easy for the reader.

Titles of the Academic Paper:

Every other student knows that the titles of books, thesis, paper, and other written works must be written in capital words, in inverted commas, quotation marks, italicized, or underlined. But few of the students forget to do so. They must remember this rule. Otherwise, they will lose their marks and impression in front of their teacher or supervisor.

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Excessive Use of Adverbs in the Text:

Last but not least, most of the students love to use adverbs in their academic papers times and again. It means that they use words like respectively, probably, generally, usually, so on and so forth. The excessive use of any adverb can make your text simply boring and sometimes meaningless. So, you must use words according to the need of the text. Don’t put extra adverbs in your text to enhance it. It will not enhance your text; yet will change the meanings, structure, and form of the sentence that is grammatically incorrect.

Online Academic Writing Services:

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