Whether you are going to write a shorter piece of writing like an essay or a longer piece of writing like a dissertation or thesis, it is the most important thing for you is to make a writing schedule. Its reason is that by following the best writing schedule, it will be easy for you to complete the writing task within the given interval of time. There are many ways to make a writing schedule, but the most important way to make a writing schedule is to create a writing schedule in Excel. Here, we will provide some important tips to the students to create a writing schedule in Excel.


  • First of all, you should open MS Excel. When you will open the MS Excel, then you will see the blank workbook.
  • Most of the versions of MS Excel show only three worksheets in a single workbook, but these three worksheets are not enough to create the best writing schedule. In order to create a separate tab for each month, you should try to add 9 more worksheets in the workbook. There are two ways to add the new worksheet to the workbook. First of all, you can add the new worksheet by clicking on the “Insert New Worksheet” tab that is available on the rightmost side of the worksheet tab. The second method to add the new worksheet in the workbook is to press the SHIFT and F11 keys from your keyboard.
  • When you open the workbook, then you will see that all the worksheets are placed here by their default names like Worksheet1, Worksheet2, Worksheet3, and so on. These default names of the worksheets are not appropriate to make the best writing schedule. You should try to change the names of these default sheets with the names of the months.
  • After renaming the worksheets in the workbook, the next step is to create the different columns for the writing schedule. You can fill out these columns according to your own choice along with the date.
  • After filling out the columns with the help of the appropriate information, the next step is to fill out all the cells that are available beneath these columns. Different students and expert persons use different methods to fill out the columns and cells with different information. You should try to get the best writing schedules and with the help of these writing schedules, it will be easy for you to make your own writing schedule in an effective way.
  • While making the best writing schedule, you should try to write down the information in the writing schedule by keeping in mind the priority of the information.
  • After completing the best writing schedule by using MS Excel, you should try to save it by using the Save As tab or by pressing the Ctrl+S keys with the help of your keyboard.

These are the most important tips to make a writing schedule by using Excel. Anyhow, if you are not able to make the best writing schedule, then you can get help from the Dissertation writing services.