Critical Reading Skills

Critical reading means applying processes, questions, theories, and models to enhance clarity and comprehension. There is more effort involved in critical reading of the assignment than is needed in mere reading. Critical reading was enforced to get the in-depth structure of an assignment. It ensures logical consistency, tone, organisation, and many other important terms. It is significant to analyse your assignment critically. This is because it’ll help in improving your assignment. For a critical reading of your assignment, you should check, and ensure how you evaluated the sources effectively. You can develop practical strategies for reading in a well-organised, and critical manner as well. While critically reading your assignment, you assess it in different ways. Some of the ways for improving assignment writing task through critical reading skills are presented in this article. These are as follows;

Critically Read Your Assignment as the Audience

Like other authors, you must have written your assignment for a specific audience. Look at your assignment with the targeted audience, or trends of the field related to your study. Look what is the purpose that the audience expects from you to write, and present. Check whether you presented the purpose in your assignment. Also, check that you’ve written the purpose of the study critically. It should be easily understandable by your subject audience. If this is not evident, you need to make improvements where needed. Your assignment should present its objectives, and arguments as well. It should give evidence of every argument that you’ve presented. This evidence should be accurate, relevant, and easily understandable.

Read it with an Open Mind

Critically read your assignment without any biasness. You should present your work based on the facts and truths, not to suit your personality. As a critical reader, you should read every page of your assignment to check if the ideas are developed fairly or not. Check if you were allowing your audience to reflect thoughtfully on the text or not. Suppose your assignment is not fulfilling these requirements. In this case you should improve, and present ideas clearly that are thoroughly understandable as well.

Assess The Title

Pay special attention to the title of your assignment. Check to ensure that it’s suitable, free from grammatical mistakes, and is attractive too. The title of an assignment holds a lot of significance. This is because it provides clues about the attitude, goals, ideas, and views of the student. Critically read the title by taking into account these things. If any of the things are missing, improve the title. The title influences the whole assignment. That is why you should carefully ensure it while critically reading your assignment. It will aid you in improving your assignment.

Check the Evidence

Critical reading seems easy, but in reality it’s very different from simple reading. Take your time, and read slowly. Pay attention to every part of your assignment. It will aid you in analysing the problems, lacking, as well as absence of evidence and mistakes. While reading slowly, you will be able to find where your assignment needs improvements. You will also be able to find where to give more evidence, and where you have to present your argument.

Assess the Text

Through critical reading, you will be able to assess if there’s a word in the text that is unclear, or difficult to define in context. Your critical reading skills will aid you in looking these up.

In assignments, every word is important for the students. If part of the text is thick, your critical reading skills will make you aware of it. It will present you with the improvements you need to make. These are directed towards making your assignment easily understandable. This is with reference to your targeted audience. If you cannot present in this way, highlight how you use them, or relate them to your argument. It will help you a lot in improving your assignment.

Improved Presentation of Ideas

Critical reading will allow you to underline, and highlight ideas in the assignment during internet research. Your critical reading skills will make you assess whether ideas and arguments of the assignments are linked or not. It will also highlight whether they’re clear, or unclear. It will also make you assess whether the text is concrete or not. If you find any deficiencies, you can make an effort to improve, or remove them.