preparing assignments to get highest gradespreparing assignments to get highest grades

An assignment is a task that every student gets. Students are familiar with this task. Assignments help you get good grades; assignments contribute a lot when it comes to securing a position in the class or getting a distinction. That is why students pay extra attention to assignment writing. If you could not perform well in your exams, you have the chance to get good marks by writing a good assignment. Assignments can compensate your grades. There are some factors to keep in mind while working on an assignment.

  1. The Topic

You should understand the topic well on which you are going to write your assignment. The writing style, structure, and content of the assignment go hand in hand. If the writing style is very good but the content is not enough or good, then there is no value of this assignment, and if the assignment is not well structured and contains a good content, then it will also not going to get you good marks. For a good assignment, it is important that you have strong, relevant and well-researched content with you and it is written in good format and structure. This is possible only if you have understood your topic and you know how and from where you are going to collect the information and how you are going to write it.

  1. Vocabulary

A good vocabulary plays a vital role in assignment writing but it does not mean that you bombarded your essay with the difficult and high sounding words. Using a different and unique name does not mean it will make any sense. Every word has a specific meaning in a sentence and if you use the wrong word in a sentence, you would change the meaning totally. That is why be very careful while using vocabulary in your assignment. Be sure that words you are using are making any sense or not. “For example, we say “Even the otherwise garrulous John was totally lost for words” and never “Even the effusive John was totally lost for words” because Garrulous and effusive, both refer to the same thing; talking more than what is required. However, garrulous goes well with a person who speaks more than what is required, while effusive goes well with a speech that is exaggerated. Furthermore, garrulous has a negative connotation while effusive has a positive usage (for instance effusive praise).”

  1. The writing style:

As already discussed, the writing style is an important aspect of a good assignment. If the words are carefully chosen and they have been used at the right place, this will ensure that overall writing style is nice and good. You should be very clear about the writing style for your assignment and any style you use for the assignment you should have strong command on that.

  1. The paragraphs:

You should not write the assignment in a single paragraph. Not only assignments will look nice but it will make the assignment easy to read. You can break down your topic into segments and subtopics and use a separate paragraph for each subtopic. Paragraphs must flow from one to another and should look effortless.

5.      The Technical Aspect

Most disciplines require a good amount of the technical terms. But be very careful when you are using the technical term because not everyone is familiar with these terms and they might find difficulty in understanding these terms. You should also explain the technical terms which you are using.