Drinking Age

The drinking is a very terrible convention, because, it is devoured of alcohol. It is mainly imperative that the drinking age should be lowered 20 to 22 in all around the world. Most UK students are facing this horrible condition of drinking. The habit of drinking can damage the life of the adolescent generation. In this argumentative essay, the professional writers of cheap essay writing services will discuss should the drinking age be lowered from 20 to 22.  Basically, alcohol is liquid that can smash up the immune system of any person. It gives unconscious from the real world. With drinking a person feel an escape from the real world.

The mainly important thing that you should know is that what the legal age of drinking in the UK is. According to the law of the United Kingdom, a person is talented to imbibe alcohol at the age of 18. However, it is mainly significant that this law should be changed in order to save the life of citizens.  According to Health Research, a person is not able to drink until the age of 25; otherwise, this will be harmful to the human body and the human brain.

The most significant point is that our brain is not able to develop a high quantity of alcohol. However, the human body is ever changing and the impact of drinking is very dangerous for an immature person. For example, in the U.S.A, a person is not able to take a drink at the age of 18. However, the drawback of drinking is that it is really harmful to human health. It affects the study of any person. It is the responsibility of the government that drinking rules should be changed.  However, some people suggest that drinking habit is bad and it should not be legally allowed in any country. The mount of the drinking age is not a good thing; therefore, the drinking age should be lowered. It is most important to control the supplies of alcohol in the United Kingdom. It is a good solution that the drinking age should be augmented to 24.

According to the Health Department of United Kingdom, the legal drinking age should be from 22, because, at this level, every person is mature and know what equipment is good and bad for his or her health. Most people are responsible for this bad habit, because, this is a habit that should be preventing from family to friends. The drinking age should be lowered, because, it is very beneficial for any country as well as human health. The lowered age is superior in order to prevent road accidents. It should be checked in order t stop personal injuries.

In the United Kingdom, a lot of problems are preventing from the habit of alcohol such as death, suicide and injury. The drinking is not a good habit; therefore, it should be lowered in order to make a sense of responsibilities. Basically, alcohol is a big part of the life of people all around the world. To sum up, we can say that the drinking age should be lowed at the appropriate point.