How To Deal With Social AnxietyHow To Deal With Social Anxiety

Nervousness in social situations is known as social anxiety. There are some disorders that are associated with social anxiety. In these disorders, there come mood disorders, eating disorders and autism etc. Due to higher social anxiety, people show fewer facial expressions. Moreover, they also face some problems in initiating conversations with others. The main stages of social anxiety are child development and adults. The traits of social anxiety are associated with and measured by self-reports. Situational social avoidance is also an important way to measure social anxiety. How we can deal with social anxiety? Read the following ways provided as source coursework writing service UK;Social Anxiety

  • Recognize social anxiety

There are some people who don’t have enough idea about social anxiety and they face lots of problems to deal with social anxiety. The first step to recognize the social anxiety is to understand the symptoms of social anxiety. The possible symptoms of social anxiety are excessive self-consciousness, intense fear, avoiding social situations and fear of humiliation etc. The second step to recognize social anxiety is to understand physical symptoms. The physical symptoms of social anxiety are blushing, racing heartbeat and sweating etc. The third step to recognize social anxiety is to recognize the triggers that are becoming the cause of social anxiety. Fourthly, if you are not paying attention to some particular situations, you are also facing social anxiety. In these situations, there come meeting new people, making phone calls and making small talks etc.

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  • Tackling fears using A list method

There are various ways to tackle fears. First of all, you should try to face your fears. The people who are suffering from social anxiety try to avoid the fears rather than facing them. The people should try to alleviate the social anxiety in the short term otherwise it can make some worse anxiety problems in the long run. Secondly, you should try to prepare a list of all the social situations that are becoming a cause of anxiety to you. At last, you should try to devise some techniques to tackle these social anxiety situations. It is also a fact that you can’t tackle these social anxiety problems at a time. For this reason, you should try to tackle at least one social anxiety problem at a time.

  • Practising social anxiety skills

There are also some social anxiety skills that are helpful for us to deal with social anxiety. For this reason, first of all, we should try to practice some relaxation techniques. For example, if you are facing some troubles with some social situations, you should try to adopt some relaxation techniques. Meditation and exercises are the best practices to deal with social anxiety. Secondly, we can also control social anxiety with the help of some breathing techniques. The best breathing techniques to control social anxiety are inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Thirdly, we can also deal with social anxiety by picking a mantra or a ‘pump up’ song. When you are feeling anxious, you should try to recite a holy prayer or you should try to recite some famous quotes. Fourthly, you can also deal with social anxiety by changing your diet.