How To Write Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is the list of the citation and it gives a detailed summary and evaluation of the sources. Writing an annotated bibliography is intimidating and challenging task for all the students, because, they have to include a short paragraph for each source. Annotated bibliographies demonstrate strengthens and weakness of sources. According to Wikipedia, “An annotated bibliography is a bibliography that enlarges a summary of each entry. According to a dissertation proposal writing service, each summary should be pithy and expose the sources’ central ideas and provide and basic knowledge about the content”.

Main Components Of The Annotated Bibliographies

Before discussing the method of writing an annotated, I would like to discuss the main components of the annotated bibliographies.  Having in-depth information about the main components will provide you facilitation in your writing process.

  • Full bibliographic citation: It provides complete information about title and publisher. It is necessary that you be included in the dissertation.
  • Purpose of the work: Provide acknowledgement about the reason for written work
  • Audience: Enlarges about the writer and resources such as general public and subject specialist
  • Methodology: This is the main component that gives information about the research method.
  • Author’s background: Author, experience, the name, qualifications
  • Features: It gives information about visual aids, charts and maps
  • Voice and personal conclusion: It main a component of the annotated provides information about the work’s opinion and its reactions. A writer can get knowledge about the subject matter and available work

Types Of The Annotations

There are three main types of annotation that can be included in the dissertation according to the guidelines of your institute. Summary annotation is the first type that provides a summary of your content and evaluates the overall work. Informative annotation is the second type that develops your main arguments and hypothesis of your written work. The last and third type is Evaluative annotation by a cheap dissertation writing service that summarizes the critical approaches and researched material.

How To Write Annotated Bibliography

Select Your Sources

As we know that an annotated bibliography provides an overview of your written work and selected topic, therefore, the best method to write an annotated bibliography is selecting sources. After selecting your sources, ensure that you have complete satisfaction about the requirement of the dissertation or assignment.

Comprehend The Needs Of Your Dissertation

After selecting the sources, you must determine the needs of your dissertation. For getting more guidelines, you should connect with your teacher. Summarize each source with complete detail in your dissertation. Make sure that you have fowled the length and type of sources. You can select the best type and competent that we have discussed in the above lines.

Demonstrate Evaluation In Your Annotation

If your bibliography is providing a summary of the sources then you should get information about its weakness as well as strengthens. Discuss the useful source and helpful understanding of your topic. Ensure that which source you have used is reliable and trustworthy. For getting complete satisfaction, you can compare your source with other’s writing. Clarify that each source is fixed into your research and you have used key findings that are supporting your ideas.

Organize Your Citations

After selecting high-quality sources, make sure that you have organized it very well. As we know that annotated bibliography is developed to provide information to the researched topic. Make sure it is cooperative and represent your work. Students should write a quotation for each source. After selecting the citation style such as APA, MLA and Chicago, you need to write data, title and authors’ information.

Format Your Annotated Bibliography

You can use annotated bibliography as a group of entries as provided by a cheap essay writing service. Therefore, you should follow the format of the work. Make sure that you have organized your entries in a good method. Adopt and acceptable style of entries and arrange your sources on the base of your topic as well as sub-topics. If you are using a different format such as books, films and articles then you should follow your institutes’ instructions.

Systematize Your Entries

Most students use the alphabetic style in their annotated bibliographies. Make sure that you have well systematized your entries according to your university rules and regulation. Arranging your entries in the chronological method can increase the quality of writing. Using topic and sub-topics will give a clear point of view to your writing. Make sure that you have assessed the relevance and value of sources. Don’t include the list of the contents, indeed, identify the main resources and use it.