Platforms for Finding New Job

Searching for a desired and relevant job is always a problem. But thanks to the job search websites, who have made job searching easy with the help of email alerts and search filter options. If you are searching for a job, you only have to make an account on a few reliable and top job searching websites. Then you have to set the few categories and desired areas where you want the job. Once done, you will start receiving the job alerts via email. Here are some of the best platforms shared by dissertation writing services UK where you can find the desired job.


Indeed is one of the largest job search websites. It was founded in 2004. Presently it has more than 250 million users. You can access Indeed in more than sixty countries and twenty-eight different languages. Some of the silent features, due to which indeed is always the favourite website of both employers and job seekers are;

  • There are multiple options for a searching job like title, location, salary, experience, industry, etc.
  • It is 100% free.
  • It also has a salary comparison tool.
  • It also provides reviews about the company.
  • You can still search for a job even if you don’t have created an account on
  • It has a built-in resume maker, which helps job seekers instantly create their resumes, upload them, and apply for the job.


LinkedIn is not a job searching website only, but it also provides the users to build strong networking. It is the best website that links employees with employers. From posting resumes to referrals and job posting everything, is perfect and valuable. As the best networking tool, LinkedIn is very useful for students. LinkedIn has a good inquiry include; that can help you discover individuals in your industry and in the businesses you serve. Try not to interface with individuals only to fabricate the number of associations you have.

Utilize your associate demands all the more deliberately to draw in and fabricate associations with your objective clients and influencers in your market space. LinkedIn is packed with bunches that are committed to specific expert subjects. Join the ones that are applicable to you. When you are a gathering part, become a functioning member in conversations. In the wake of taking part for some time, consider beginning your own conversation themes inside the gathering, or in any event, posting an article for the gathering to process and examine. It has more than 500 million users.


Glassdoor is mainly popular for the job, salary comparison, and reviews. But, it is also a good job searching website. It is free to use. There are more than 1400 jobs posted on Glassdoor on weekly basis. Not only regular jobs but more than 100+ part-time jobs are also posted on Glassdoor. It is very easy to use. You can use the filter remote to find the most recent jobs.


CareerBuilder is one of the oldest and very popular job-seeking websites. It is operating in more than twenty-three countries. It is very easy to use. It provides fast search results. It provides a great description of jobs. It provides advanced keywords and Boolean search options; that help to search fatly about the desired and relevant jobs. You can also search with specific geographical locations. Its functionality is very user-friendly.

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Students can also start working as freelancers. There are many reliable websites for those who want to work as freelancers, and Upwork is one of them. Upwork is famous as a luxury freelance job site. It has higher paying rates as compared to other freelancing websites.  You frequently get recruited rapidly: Most customers on UpWork are ready to begin ASAP. If a customer prefers your proposition and you rock the telephone discussion, you might be beginning a task the following day. It is absolutely an advantage contrasted with the more customary methods of employing that can require a long time of coordination and administrative work before you even start work on a venture.

It is not difficult to get paid: Sending solicitations and tolerating payments can be tested as a private venture or self-employed entity. One significant advantage of UpWork is that payments are inherent to the framework with the snap of a catch. You can without much of a stretch connect, your financial balance to UpWork, and payments, are consequently moved into your record.