10000 Words Dissertation

A dissertation of 10000 words is becoming a nightmare for students. They usually write essays, projects, and assignments of fewer words. When writing a proper dissertation of 10000 words, god is confused and stressed. The structure of 10000 words is simple as we normally write a dissertation for a college degree. The structure is any thesis, assignment, or dissertation is the first and foremost thing that needs to be focused on before you start writing a dissertation. Sometimes students don’t have a clear idea about the dissertation’s breakdown and fail to write a well-structured thesis.

Recommended by dissertation writing service experts, make sure you have an idea about the word count and size of chapters separately. This can make your task simple and very easy. Always make a list of the topic and methods that you are supposed to write in the dissertation in a synchronized form. The structure of a dissertation is the base of your thesis. So it would be best if you made outlines and mind maps to create it. As we all know, every university or college has its own rule and regulations, terms and conditions for writing a dissertation.

That is why it varies from subject to subject and institute to institute according to their terminologies and disciplines. When you are assigned to write a thesis or dissertation, your supervisor provides you with all the guidelines and templates of a dissertation. These writing prompts have complete guidance and details for the students about structuring and writing a dissertation. With this article’s help, you will learn how to structure a 10000 words dissertation.


The first chapter is the introductory chapter of a dissertation. It consists of at least 10% of the whole thesis. If you are writing a 10000 words dissertation, the introduction chapter should be 1000 words. These words should base on your thesis statement, objectives, purpose, research questions, and an overview of the whole structure of the dissertation.

Literature Review:

This is the second chapter of the dissertation, consisting of 30% of the data of the whole dissertation. The literature review length is 3000 words out of 10000 words dissertation. In this chapter, you have to discuss the methodologies and approaches to the topic, the gap between the literature of the text, the purpose of the text, the solution to the unsolved questions, and finally, you must strengthen the already existing knowledge with the relevant information about your dissertation. And you will also enhance the new ideas of the topic of your dissertation.

Research Methodology:

The chapter on research methodology is another very important chapter of your dissertation; this chapter includes 15% of the data from the whole dissertation. 1500 words are included from 10000 words dissertation. In this chapter, you will have to write about the overall style and structure of your dissertation, complete details about the analysis and data of the thesis, ideas, and techniques for evaluating the dissertation.


The results of the findings chapter consist of 500 words out of 10000 words dissertation. It is almost 15% of the data from the whole thesis text. In this chapter, students should provide in-depth details and dissertation analysis. The findings or results of the data must be explained clearly in this chapter.

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Discussion or the analysis is another much-focused chapter of the dissertation. About 30% of the data of the dissertation is included in this chapter. Similarly, the literature review consists of 3000 words. It is also 3000 words. These words must contain all the information and data about the implications and overview of the research. It should give you the main gist and ideas about the topic and the implementation of the results accordingly. You must get a clear idea of your dissertation after completing this chapter.


This is the final chapter of the thesis. And it is based on 10% of the data from your dissertation. For 10000 words dissertation, you need to write 1000 words conclusion about your thesis. In this chapter, you will explain the main crux of the whole dissertation. The main argument of the dissertation is summarized in this chapter of the dissertation.


Last but not least comes the page of references. Students do this to provide the references of the cited text. This helps them to avoid plagiarism. You must provide the explanation and references of the text and quotes of any data you have taken from any journal, article, website, or book.