Higher Nursing Education

Nurses and healthcare professionals are always in high demand, all over the world. With a degree in nursing, you can look forward to acquiring the skills and the training to cater to the needs of the patients, both physical and psychological. Nursing is a key role that is an essential part of every country’s health service.

According to PhD dissertation writing services, most countries have a shortage of nurses, which means nurses are in high demand in almost every part of the world. If you do not have the facilities or the top-rated universities in your country to get the education and training required to become a professional nurse, you can choose to study abroad too. Choosing to study nursing abroad means you will be gaining access to world-class programs and allowing yourself to reach your maximum potential.

There are many options to consider if you are thinking about pursuing a career in nursing and are willing to studying abroad. It would not be wrong to say that there are several reasons to choose an international nursing degree. You can look forward to high standards of nursing education, generous funding and support for nursing students, an innovative approach to teaching and practicing nursing. In addition to this, you can enjoy well-recognized nursing credentials and high salary potential for nursing graduates in countries where nursing professionals are not available.

Nursing Programs Around The World:

Nursing programs are offered at several different levels. The degree programs and qualifications differ depending on the country you choose to study in. With almost 1,000 baccalaureate programs and plenty of ADN programs, choosing the best of the best is very challenging. Several factors have to be taken into consideration for selecting the best nursing programs. They include:

  • Program outcomes
  • NCLEX pass rate
  • Tuition
  • Program quality
  • Accreditation (all ranked schools have ACEN or CCNE accreditation)

Discussed here are some of the best countries that offer top-rated nursing programs include:


You can study a BSc or BNurs at the undergraduate level. These courses last three years full-time, and you qualify as a registered nurse when you graduate. You can also study for an MNurs, which is four years and will earn you a master’s qualification. Statistics show that 94 % of nursing students land a job within six months of completing their coursework. The UK offers numerous benefits to overseas nurses, including high salaries, manageable work hours, and guaranteed long-term contracts.

US and Canada:

You can study for an associate degree in nursing (ADN), which takes about two years to complete. You can also opt for a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) that takes about four years. If you want to study further, you can convert your associate degrees in nursing into a bachelor’s degree by taking a two-year RN to BSN program. Many colleges and universities offer scholarship support for international nursing students which makes it easy for them to focus on their education.

As the USA faces a deficit of nursing professionals, international nurses have unprecedented opportunities here for school and work. Professional and skilled nurses have many career options at various levels. Nurses in the US enjoy many benefits, including job security, flexible work schedule, and the opportunity for lifelong learning.

Australia and New Zealand:

You can opt for a diploma of nursing, which lasts two years, or a three-year bachelor of nursing, which takes three years. If you study for a diploma you will qualify as an enrolled nurse; but if you study for a bachelor’s degree, you will become a registered nurse. Sophisticated hospitals, medical equipment, and technology offer great scope for students planning to study nursing here.

In addition to this, the high demand for nurses adds up to plenty of work opportunities for international students. International students are welcome in Australia, and the government offers more than $200 million in international scholarships every year, and the advantages of working in Australia include a working visa with terms allowing the migration of your entire family and entitlement to all of the benefits of Australian workers.

For those who wish to study more and enjoy higher positions, they can go for master’s degrees in nursing, usually offered as an MSc and MSN. The highest level of degree in nursing is PhD; many nurses that study for PhD part-time and continue to work to become a nurse researcher.


Norway is popular all over the world for its premier higher education system and universities. Its nursing degrees are the embodiment of Norway’s excellence, and many nursing programs have been specifically designed for international students and taught in English. Nurses studying and working in Norway are welcome and offer education at a very adorable cost.


Russia is a great place for students who wish to qualify as professional nurses. International students are encouraged to come here and enter the workforce with a wide range of benefits. The degree programs have also been designed to help students reach their end goals. Along with theoretical and practical knowledge and experience, nursing students in Russia also learn some great cross-cultural skills that help them deal with patients in any part of the world.

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Access to higher nursing education is not easy, and it might take you a lot of time to select the best university that offers the degree program you like. Even with the list of the top nursing schools, it might be tough for you to decide what to do and how. Keep in mind your situation, finical condition, and long-term goals to make the best decision. Create a list of potential schools and using the factors that have been discussed, make the right choice.

You can look forward to finding a great program with caring faculty and great clinical experiences in your region by considering the universities according to the specific career path you wish to follow. Access to higher nursing education in the world’s top universities is not far away from you if you have the determination and the passion to work hard.