An Investigation Into Key Determinants of Customer Loyalty

All the efforts that are done by an organization in order to retain their customers to buy its products, again and again, are known as the customer loyalty. Almost all the organizations and companies employ a lot of customer loyalty programs in order to repeat their business. There are three main components of the customer loyalty. The first component is known as the relationship strength. The second component is known as the perceived alternatives and the last component is known as the critical episodes. There are many factors that can become the cause of terminating the relationship between the customers and an organization. Some of them are given below; There is a possibility that a customer moves away from the product of an organization or a company

  1. There is also a possibility that the customer doesn’t need for the service or the product of a particular company
  2. The customer has found out an alternative to that particular product
  3. The company is not able to build up the strong relationship with the customers
  4. There is a sudden increase in the price of the product without providing any explanation

All of these things become the cause of decreasing the profit level within an organization. If the profit level within an organization is decreasing on the continuous basis, then the existence of the company is in the danger. Under such a situation, the hope for the existence of a company is to create the customer loyalty. If you are not able to determine the key factors of the customer loyalty, then you can get help from the dissertation writing services. An investigation into the key determinants of the customer loyalty is given below;

  • The quality of the service or the product

The first important component that comes into the customer loyalty is that the quality of your service or the product should be satisfied to the customer. The main qualities of a service or the product of a company are that it has some unique features, it has some mass appeal, it has the possible solution to a problem, it should be easily explained, and it should be credible.

  • Reliability

The reliability of a product or a service is the most important feature of a product if you want to win the trust of a customer. The reliability of a product or a service means that this service or the product has the best quality. Moreover, a company should also ensure the consistency in the availability of the product or service to the customers.

  • Assurance

The company should launch such campaigns that ensure the audience that the quality of their products and services is the best.

  • Empathy

The company should take care of all the customers at the individual level. Sometimes, there is a possibility that your customer is not able to get the required benefits from your product, then you should try to accept his/her claim and provide the alternative product or service to him/her in order to win the trust and retain the customers.

  • At last, there comes the satisfaction of the customers. You should try to create such a product which has all the features that are necessary for the satisfaction of a customer.