Most Common Job Interview Questions That Every Graduate Student Should Prepare For

The name of a face to face conversation where questions are asked and answers are given is known as an interview. An interview is also known as a one-on-one conversation. The person who asks questions is known as an interviewer and the person who provides answers to these questions is known as an interviewee. When you are going to achieve any job opportunity, then you will have to come across an interview. If you are facing some problems to understand some job interview questions, then you can get help from the academic writing services. The most common job interview questions that every graduate student should prepare for are given below;

1)    What are the strongest points in your personality according to your own views?

2)    What are the biggest weaknesses in your personality according to your own views?

3)    Why do you want to achieve this particular job opportunity?

4)    Why should we hire you rather than other thousands of candidates?

5)    What are the major factors and reasons to avail this particular job opportunity?

6)    What are the professional achievements you have acquired regarding this job?

7)    Try to describe your dream job in few words

8)    What are the salary expectations for this job?

9)    What kind of work environment do you want to avail in your dream job?

10)    Explain some toughest decisions that you have made in your life

11)    Can you like to become a leader and what is your appropriate leadership style?

12)    Can you make decisions by yourself under critical circumstances?

13)    What are your expectations for this job during the first three months?

14)    After the working hours, what you want to do?

15)    What is your experience level regarding this particular job opportunity?

16)    Have you ever done a job and if yes, then what was your salary in the last job?

17)    Can you want to ask some questions of me regarding this particular job opportunity?

18)    What are your strategies to drive the best results from this job during the first three months?

19)    Have you done any planning to do this job in an effective way?

20)    How you come to know this vacant job opportunity in our firm?

21)    What is your knowledge about the products and services of this company?

22)    Why is it necessary for us to hire you?

23)    Explain your greatest professional strengths regarding this job opportunity in a few words

24)    If you are doing a job, then why are you leaving this job?

25)    What are the best strategies that you can adapt to manage different things within an organization?

26)    Have you ever an experience of leadership?

27)    Why there is a gap between your employment history?

28)    Describe your goals for the future in the fever of this firm

29)    What are your biggest failures in any post?

30)    Why are you showing so many interests for this particular job opportunity?

These are the common interview questions that asked during an interview. Therefore, you should try to prepare yourself for these questions.