Concept Of Strategic Human Resource ManagementConcept Of Strategic Human Resource Management

Definition of SHRM

SHRM stands for strategic human resource management. A set of objectives and goals to improve the performance of the business is known as SHRM. With the help of these strategic objectives and goals, we try to develop an innovative, flexible, and competitive environment within an organization. With the help of these SHRM techniques, we will try to recruit, select, train, and award the employees within an organization. SHRM is basically an integration of the HRM. If you are not able to understand the SHRM in an effective way, then you can get help from the academic writing services.

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The Process of SHRM

The process of SHRM can be understood with the help of a ven diagram. In this vein diagram, first of all, there comes organizational strategies and organizational culture. These organizational strategies and organizational culture are related with the needs, qualities, and skills of the human resources. In the second, there comes the competitive as well as financial environment and current organizational situations. These things are related with the available financial resources within an organization. Both of these things are related with the HR activities. In these HR activities, there are a lot of things. First of all, there comes the equal employment. Secondly, there comes the recruiting and selection of the employees. Thirdly, there comes the development process within an organization. Fourthly, there comes the compensation within an organization. Fifthly, there comes the process of performance management within an organization. At last, there comes the healthy relations with the employees within an organization.

Concerns of SHRM

There are a lot of concerns of the SHRM. First of all, it provides us with a solid relationship between the HRM and strategic management within an organization. Secondly, there come the issues that are related to the effectiveness and performance of an organization. Thirdly, there come the abilities that are required to do things in an effective way.

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The Focus of SHRM

The main focus of the SHRM is on those actions that are necessary for an organization to do something different from the other competitive organizations. It is also concerned with the resources and allocations that are necessary for an organization to enjoy healthy relations with the other organizations.

The Goals of SHRM

There are a lot of goals of the SHRM. The primary goal of the SHRM is to increase the production level within an organization. It is possible only if you are focusing on the employee productivity. The second goal of the SHRM is to identify the key HR areas to identify the motivation and productivity of the employees. The third goal of the SHRM is to manage the long-term-relations with the other organizations.

Key Features of SHRM

There are a lot of key features of SHRM. The first key feature of SHRM is to maintain an explicit linkage between HR policies and the organizational environment. The second key feature of the SHRM is to maintain a mutually supportive within an organization. The third key feature of the SHRM is to manage the different human resources within an organization.