Essay About Change Management In Business Management

In any kind of business, if you want to improve the performance of your organization, then you will have to change the structure of your organizational team, their job roles, and the use of technology. This thing is known as change management in business management. The main aim of this change management in any organization is to tell the employees how to enhance their productivity. There are a lot of internal and external driving factors that can drive change management. Moreover, there are a lot of benefits of change management in business management. If you are not able to write a business essay, then you can get help with essay writing services.There are four main internal factors that can bring change in any organization. First of all, there comes human resource. Human resource is considered one of the most powerful weapons in order to bring change in any organization. The second internal factor that can bring change in any organization is known as a corporate strategy. The main concern of corporate strategy is relevant to the managerial decisions. Thirdly, there comes cultural factor. Sometimes, it is also necessary to shift the business to a new place in order to improve its productivity. At last, there comes labour union. It is also necessary for the labour union to compromise with the organizational team in order to increase the production level within an organization.

Along with internal factors, there are also some external factors that can bring change within an organization. In these external factors, first of all, there comes technological development. An organization should try to use up-to-date technology for better production. In the second, there come regulatory constraints. Thirdly, there comes globalization. The organizations should spread their business around the world. At last, there comes political climate. This political climate also lasts a lot of impacts of the productivity of an organization.

No one can deny the importance of change management within an organization because there are a lot of benefits of change management for an organization. First of all, the change management can minimize the resistance within an organization. Secondly, it can become a cause of increasing the engagement level within an organization. Thirdly, it can increase the performance of the employees. As a result, their production level will also be increased. Fourthly, this change management can also reduce the expenditures of an organization. As we know that innovation is an important factor for the success of a business. The change management can also enhance innovation.

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We can say that change management is a systematic approach that deals with the transformation of the goals of an organization. To bring a change within an organization, you will have to adopt a structured procedure. There are a lot of internal and external factors that can play an important role to bring change. If you bring a change within an organization by preparing an effective plan, by testing this plan, and by getting help from the experts, then you can enjoy a lot of benefits of this change. Anyhow, the organizations face a lot of challenges to bring change.