How To Use Your LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is a social networking service that is operated via websites and apps. It is also known as a business and employment-oriented website. First of all, this website was founded in 2002 and it was launched in 2003. Nowadays, this website is mainly used for professional networking because it contains lots of CVs of job seekers and employers. Nowadays, it is estimated that there are almost more than 600 million registered members of LinkedIn in different countries. Here, experts of assignment writing services will discuss how to use the LinkedIn account to get more work and earn more.

  • Keep your profile up to date

In order to seek a job opportunity on a LinkedIn account, you should try to keep your profile up to date. To keep your profile up to date means that you should add a picture and relevant skills on your LinkedIn account. It is estimated that a LinkedIn account which has a profile picture and relevant skills receive 14 times more views than other profiles.

  • Be comprehensive about current skills and objectives

If you want to find the best job opportunities with the help of your LinkedIn account, you should be comprehensive about your skills and objectives. While sharing a headline, you should make sure that you have added current skills and objectives. The recruiters and companies give preference to those profiles which are regularly updated. Therefore, you should try to update your skills and objectives regularly on your LinkedIn account.

  • Highlight recent experience

When you are engaging with the companies and connections to land a job, you should try to view your recent experience evident to all. This will show the companies that you are reading their posts likely. As a result, these companies can hire you for their recent job opportunity.

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  • Update your headline

When people search on the LinkedIn, they can view your photo, name and headline. Therefore, you should clearly mention on your headline that what you are doing and what you are looking. An impressive headline grabs the attention of the companies and recruiters.

  • Let people know you are available

Another interesting way to find a job opportunity is to announce it on your LinkedIn profile. The best way to announce that you are looking for a job is to share it on your headline. For example, if you are a petroleum engineer and you want to get a job opportunity, then you can add a headline as ‘Petroleum engineer is ready to strike oil’.

  • Use the advanced search

There is an advanced search option in the LinkedIn. With the help of this advanced search option, it is easy for the job seekers to find favourite companies which are providing the best job opportunities according to your taste. After finding these companies, you can contact these companies with the help of their customer representatives. These customer representatives can also provide enough idea about the requirements of the company. After getting this information, you can set your profile according to their requirements.