Food Poisoning’s ImplicationsFood Poisoning’s Implications

Food poisoning is also known as Foodborne illness. Food poisoning or Foodborne illness is the result of eating such food which is toxic and spoiled. Diarrhoea and vomiting are some essential causes of food poisoning. Food poisoning is quite uncomfortable and according to the research of CDC, 20% of Americans have to come across food poisoning at least once a year. After food poisoning, the patients should immediately contact the doctor and he will diagnose them. To write an assignment about food poisoning’s implications, one can get quick help from coursework writing services. The possible implications of food poisoning are given below;

  • We can observe the contaminant of food poisoning in the form of Campylobacter. The onsets of symptoms of campylobacter are in between 2 to 5 days. Meat and poultry can become essential causes of this contaminant. For example, due to the presence of some amount of animal’s faeces in meat and unpasteurized milk can become causes of food poisoning.
  • coli is one of the major types of bacteria which can be fatal for human health and this kind of bacteria enters into the human body with food and causes food poisoning. This bacterium is usually found in the intensities of the animals and when you eat undercooked ground beef, this bacterium enters into your body. This bacterium can also enter into the body of a human with the help of unpasteurized milk. Due to E. coli, one can become very ill. The strains of E. coli are very harmful to human health.
  • Another type of bacteria which can become a cause of food poisoning is Listeria. This kind of bacterium usually grows in cold temperature. That’s why it is usually found in the refrigerators. If you keep unpasteurized cheese, ice cream, deli meats and smoked fish in the refrigerator, this bacterium will enter into this food. It can affect a human just within a day. Due to the presence of Listeria, the immune system of a human is weakened and this can become a cause of some milder infections.
  • Norovirus also enters into the human body with the food. It can become a cause of stomach flu. After entering this essential bacterium, you can feel ill just within 12 to 48 hours. The symptoms of this bacterium last for one to three days.
  • Salmonella is the name of a group of bacteria and this group of bacteria also enters into the human body with food and become a cause of food poisoning. The main causes of these bacteria in the body are melon, sprouts and unpasteurized milk. You can feel the symptoms of these bacteria within one to three days and the symptoms of these bacteria last at least for a week.
  • There are a lot of risk factors for food poisoning. Due to food poisoning, the immune system of the children is affected badly and their growth rate is also affected. For pregnant women, food poisoning can bring some changes in metabolism and circulation. Some chronic diseases are also occurred due to food poisoning.