10-Safety Measure That Every Girl Should Adopt To Avoid Any Potential Sexual Assault10-Safety Measure That Every Girl Should Adopt To Avoid Any Potential Sexual Assault

Remember our grandmothers used to tell our mothers: “Never trust the strangers”! That is true! Strangers are no one else but the sex offenders. Sex offenders are a sad addition to the list of people who are dangerous to the lives of the people. Since the past few years, there has been a malicious increase in the number of sex offenders. They are everywhere, in every corner of the world and in every other neighbourhood. Since the rise of the usage of the internet, the sex offenders have seemed to change their strategies to take hold of their victims. It is not only the teenagers that become the victims, now it includes infants and younger kids too, including boys. How can one stop them from approaching our kids? One should be aware of their surroundings, the people living in the neighbourhood and the kinds of activities these people have. People should be aware of any malicious or suspicious activities, to make sure the kids remain safe. In addition, various precautions can be taken by the girls to avoid the approach of these sex offenders to keep themselves safe any potential sexual assault.

  1. With an increase in the usage and access of the internet these days, it is important that the teenage girls should keep an eye on the people who approach them online.
  2. With the rise and an accelerated usage of social media pages, the danger has increased to a greater extent. Anyone can see, visit and scan through the personal profiles of the girls, scan through the pictures and can easily get an idea of the lifestyles and kinds of family.
  3. There is a need to limit the postage of personal pictures on the internet social media pages, girls need to make sure that personal contact details are not uploaded neither there is a need to give an address or educational details. These are the main routes used by the sex offenders to approach the teens.
  4. Trust no one. When outside the home, trust no one. This includes the strangers and the friends.
  5. The times these days have changed the ways people used to trust each other. This is because there have been many cases in the past when the assault has been carried out by the friend or with the assistance of the closest friend. Be careful.
  6. Watch out for any manipulation. When there is a bad feeling about a friend, do not ignore it. Listen to the inner voice as it is always right.
  7. Listen to the elders. Come home on time! Staying out late in the nights also calls for the vultures.
  8. Talk to your parents about any friends and relatives you feel are acting obnoxiously or abnormally. They will help you find a better way out of it.
  9. Never hide any event. If anyone from inside the family, outside the house, or from the college is approaching you in an anomalous manner, tell someone immediately.
  10. Always carry a safety kit with you. It can be a small knife, a pepper spray. It will be a good way to make an escape.