The Implications Of Environmental PollutionThe Implications Of Environmental Pollution

The introduction of such contaminants into the natural environment which can become a cause of adverse changes is known as environmental pollution. Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and radioactive pollution are some major types of environmental pollution. The possible sources and causes of environmental pollution are industrial activities, dumping solid waste, vehicles, population overgrowth, and agricultural waste. If you are facing some problems to write an assignment about the implications of environmental pollution, you can get help from assignment writing services. The implications of environmental pollution are explained below;

  • Environmental degradation

Due to the dangerous and hazard effects of the environment, we can observe a clear difference in the natural balance of the environment. Air, water and soil are some essential natural resources of an environment. If we add some pollutants in these natural resources of the environment, the environment degrades. For example, the emission of greenhouse gasses can become a cause of global warming and due to global warming; different ecosystems on the earth are affected. Acidification of water resources and biomagnifications are also some essential environmental degradation. The smoke and haze can affect the photosynthesis process of the plants.

  • Effects on human health

The quality of air is decreasing due to environmental pollution and this becomes a cause of several respiratory problems like lung cancer etc. Due to the consumption of polluted water, we are also facing some skin-related problems like skin cancer. This polluted water can also become a cause of severing fever, malaria and diarrhoea. The noise pollution can last some psychological impacts on a human being. The presence of Nitrogen dioxide and Sulphur dioxide in the air can become the cause of lung diseases. Carbon Mono Oxide will become a cause of inflammation, lung and heart diseases. Moreover, Carbon Mono Oxide particles can also become a cause of deficiency of Oxygen in the blood.

  • Ozone layer depletion

The ozone layer is present in the earth’s stratosphere. The ozone layer has a high concentration of ozone and it observes the ultraviolet radiations of the sun and prevents these radiations reaching towards earth. These ultraviolet radiations are fatal for a human being. The emission of CFCs and greenhouse gasses are depleting this layer. As a result, the temperature of the earth is increasing day by day. When UV layers directly enter into the Earth’s atmosphere, then it will cause a lot of skin related problems.

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  • Infertility of land

Nowadays, we are using a lot of herbicides and pesticides to increase the production of our crops. In these herbicides and pesticides, there are some harmful chemicals and heavy metals. These harmful chemicals and heavy metals are leading our land towards infertility. Moreover, we are also adding the sewage and industrial waste in our lands. The sewage and industrial waste have some harmful chemicals and these harmful chemicals are also leading our earth towards infertility. That’s why the growth of our vegetables and the production of crops both are decreasing day by day.

Some other implications of environmental pollution are the destruction of different ecosystems and the depletion of the earth’s atmosphere.